If you knew you could always be there for those you love most, you wouldn’t need life insurance. However, life is full of uncertainties and that is why life insurance is so important - it will protect your family’s future and provides you peace of mind today.

Term Life Insurance is the most straight-forward form of protection. Term Insurance provides coverage with rates banded by pre-selected periods of time. If the insured dies during this period the named beneficiaries receive a lump sum of tax-fee money.

Term Life Insurance is an ideal solution for young couples or families that have a limited budget and require a large amount of insurance to protect their mortgage, their income and their family’s well-being.  Term insurance is initially much less expensive when compared to permanent life insurance.  Unlike most permanent insurance products, term insurance has no cash value.

The need for term Insurance coverage:

    •    Mortgage Protection
    •    Income Protection
    •    Cover short-term debts and needs
    •    Additional insurance protection during the child raising years

There are many different types of term insurance policies available that are both renewable and convertible. Policies offer a level premium for the term of the policy such as 10, 20, or 30 years.

Companies offer a variety of term products to fit everyone’s needs, time frame, and budget.