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Medical Access Insurance

Have you or someone you know ever been on a medical waitlist? In our world there are no waits!

Medical Access Insurance (MAI) is an exciting insurance product that provides expedited access to private medical services for insured individuals who are on a Canadian medical wait list of 45 days or more.

This program covers all authorized diagnostic consultations with a medical specialist as well as any related authorized procedures such as MRI and CT scans. It also covers the cost of over 135 surgical procedures. Treatment will be arranges in Canada if available, or the USA.

This Insurance complements our health care system by providing an insurance policy which allows policy holders to obtain professional and speedy medical services when long wait times are an issue.
MAI is an excellent benefit enhancement for managers and senior executives and would attract and retain employees in a competitive job marketplace.

MAI complies with all federal and provincial regulations. It assists in helping many Canadians and their families obtain timely treatment for a covered medical condition.


    •    No medical Exam
    •    No deductibles or co-payments
    •    Specialist consultation in 21 days
    •    $1,000,000 lifetime coverage
    •    Qualified second opinion
    •    Pre-existing conditions covered after 24 months

Over 135 covered conditions including: MRI and CT scans, heart bypass, bone and joint replacement, prostate surgery, cataracts, angioplasty, and endoscopy procedures.