Planning for your better future

Our Planning Process is how we fulfill our Mission:

We enrich the lives of individuals and business owners through investment and insurance solutions that give them financial freedom and security.

Why plan?

Common sense, GPS and evidence suggest that if you don’t know your starting place and have key points of interest with timelines planned along the way, you won’t likely make it to your final destination on time and on budget. Sometimes impulsive travel is fun, but not so much when it’s the security of you, your family or your business on the line.

Process is important

Successful planning starts with an exploration and deep understanding of your life, family, business and what’s important to you now and for the future. We employ a variety of methods to gather what’s needed including free flowing discussion, questionnaires and checklists and other data gathering methods. A plan is then created, regularly revisited and monitored so results can be measured against your goals and objectives and changes and updates made as needed.

A comprehensive approach to planning that is personalized to your needs

Financial Planning – making sure all aspects are covered, health, financial, smart tax strategies, and risk management (insurance) are working together to move you forward to your goals.

Retirement Income Planning – identifying your income requirements in future dollars and ensuring that your portfolio including real estate and cash value insurance is organized to enable the most tax-efficient income distribution to meet your needs.

Estate Planning – you can’t take it with you, but you can plan to give as little as possible to the CRA while ensuring that your beneficiaries have what they need quickly during a stressful time. Strategies to create a fair and equitable but not necessarily equal distribution may be of interest.

Business Planning – business owners have unique considerations and opportunities. We quarterback with your other trusted advisors to make sure the business is working for you, rather than you working for the business.

Ultimately our quest is to increase the wellbeing of everyone we work with.

We offer clients a variety of investment products, depending on what is best-suited to their individual circumstances and investment plan.