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Anging Parents

Carly’s parents, Bob (71) and Lisa (67) are in the peak of their golden years, living in Victoria BC. They own a home they paid off years ago and are now looking for the ability to move into a an assisted living care home. They are in relatively good health but occasionally have the odd health issue pop up. They have now reached that chapter in their story where they are relying on Carly for financial advice and their financial well being. What should Carly do to make sure both of her parents receive the best care possible, and having the highest level of financial security for her parents?

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Buying Your First Home

A critical illness can happen to anyone!

While healthy lifestyle choices can be your best defence against some health risks, a critical illness such as cancer, stroke or heart disease can strike anyone at any time.

One in three Canadians will develop a life-threatening cancer

One is two heart attack victims are under 65 years old

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Career Transitions

Your biggest asset is your ability to earn an income. Disability Insurance is a living benefit that provides you with continued income if you become unable to work due to illness or injury.

All disability insurance benefits are paid out tax-free. Disability insurance is highly tailorable with many options to develop a comprehensive plan for any occupation.

Statistics show that prior to age 67, the chances of being disabled for three months or more are significant. What are your chances of becoming disabled for a period of more than 90 days before you reach the age of 67?

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Whether you are looking for year-round coverage that will cover all trips out-of-province and out-of-country or looking for single-trip coverage for a quick getaway we can find the right travel package.

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Traveling the world

Ever since Lauren was young, she saw herself traveling the world. She had gone traveling briefly as a teenager, and had taken a year of university abroad on an exchange program in Sweden. Living on Vancouver Island, she enjoyed exploring the hiking trails near Victoria to the temperate rain forest biomes of Port Hardy. Every weekend she would try to do something on the island while balancing being a full time student and a part time employee. Lauren is nearing graduation and wants to begin planning for a 6 month trip to South America sometime in the next couple of years.

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Managing Your Existing Business

Dan owns a successful Coffee Shop and café operating in Vancouver BC. It has been around for 4 years and consistently makes a profit year round. It currently runs as a Sole Proprietorship. Due to its success, Dan had decided it is time to open a second location in White Rock, a neighboring community in Metro Vancouver. A lease has come up in a great part of the city that Dan considers to be a possibility of a very lucrative endeavor given its foot traffic and offices nearby. Currently, Dan has 9 employees mostly part time to help run the shop, but expects he will need to most definitely expand his number of employees and promote those that have been loyal and hardworking to manage the new location. Dan is looking at how he should proceed.

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New Family Member

Mark and Kate have been married for two years and have recently found out that they are expecting a baby in 7 months. They are very excited to have their first child and look forward to finally putting their spare room in their house to good use as a nursery. They are wondering what sort of planning they should be doing above and beyond to support their newborn baby in the best way possible.

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Passing of a Loved One

Jessica and Savanna are sisters in their mid thirties and have a very close relationship with their Dad, who has been their primary caretaker for most of their life. Unfortunately, they have just received the tragic news of the passing of their father. Jessica and Savanna have no idea where to start and are overwhelmed with the news of the passing, and the planning they know is associated with the passing of a loved one.

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John is a single, self- employed Architect that specializes in luxury and high end real estate projects. After nearing this 33rd birthday he is now extremely aware of the fact that he should begin planning for retirement, although John loves his profession and sees him working well into his 60’s. John wants to know where to start, being self employed and starting at the age of 33.

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Starting a Small Business

Tara is a 34 year old woman with a fulfilling career as a librarian at an elementary school in Nanaimo, BC. On the weekends, Tara is an avid cyclist, and has been for the past 20 years. Her knowledge and expertise regularly had her large network of cyclists come to her for questions on their bikes. They ask for help fixing a variety of concerns from regular tune ups to intermediate level repairs. Tara has always wanted to start a small business, and as there is increased awareness surrounding biking as a healthy recreation and support for positive climate change initiatives Tara sees an opportunity to create a side business while working part time as a librarian. She has done her basic research and has a strong feeling this could be a successful endeavor. She is wondering how to next proceed with this idea and goal of being a business owner in mind.

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