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It's Your Story

We Help You Write It

It's Your Story,

We Help You Write It

It's Your Story,

We Help You Write It

It's Your Story,

We Help You Write It

It's Your Story

We Help You Write It

Whatever scenario or situation brought you here; know that we are here to help. You are probably wondering what makes us different, why choose us over the other largerfirms, or larger banking institutions.
It comes down to our experience, ability to help you adapt, and our sincere commitment to providing you with the best service and results possible. Any bank or institution can ask you questions and put your information into a program; popping out a generic plan. We know going from A to B, from the plan to your goals, is never that simple.
You are unique, your story is unique, your goals are unique, and your plan and service should be unique.
Genuinely listening to and understanding our clients goals, aspirations, and story allows us to see past the numbers and technical data used to create a financial plan, and proactively offer our valued clients solutions that work. We look forward to supporting you, whatever chapter or scenario you find yourself in or planning for.

Why Choose Us ?

Thousands Of Clients Supported

Over the past 34 years, we have had the pleasure of supporting clients in different chapters of their stories. We take pride in the support and guidance we provide through our services and products

Confidence In Our Consultancy

Our confidence starts in our products offered, and extends to the ability to help you achieve your financial goals through our dedication to excellence, and our financial expertise.

Everyone Has Unique Needs

Your needs are special; your story, unique.  We understand every clients needs are different. Our Advisors have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the support needed, no matter what chapter of life you are on

Frequently Asked Questions

An experienced Financial Advisor can help improve the quality of the financial decisions you make. Just as you wouldn’t deal with any dental concerns without seeing a dentist or an associated professional, Financial Advisors and Planners are here to help assist you with a wide array of financial situations. There is nothing to lose by receiving a professional opinion on a scenario.

There is no fee for a consultation.

We want to understand more about you; your aspirations, your goals, and your story. If you provide us with that, we would be more than willing to provide you with a detailed financial plan and solutions to help you feel confident in pursuing your goals and aspirations.

We are only remunerated once you take action on sound advice. The industry provides for various commissions, trailers, and other ways of making sure we are compensated appropriately for our professional advice

As a team of Independent Financial Advisors and professionals, you can expect us to be directly focused on your best interests. Our clients are our bosses, and if you choose to hire us, we will be completely focused on producing you the ability to reach your goals while exceeding your expectations every step of the way.

You can expect to receive reviews yearly or more often if you would like. We will always look for any way to improve your plan to achieve your goals through our expertise, experience, and passion.

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    Our Team

    Carol A. Cooper, CFP, CHS, CLU, CPCA

    Certified Financial Planner

    Richard Silver

    Financial Advisor

    Diane Carpenter

    Insurance & Benefits Sales Advisor

    Trina Burns

    Contracted Licensed Advisor

    Deborah Gresty

    Account Manager

    Ian Sanghara, BBA, CPHR

    Senior Manager, Operations

    Lorren Aparici

    Junior Account Administrator - Wealth Division

    Sharmaine Valcos

    Junior Account Administrator - Insurance Division

    Iain McCaig (Concept Artist for The Jungle Book, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Star Wars I, II, III and The Force Awakens). / Creative

    Many years ago, in the midst of a hectic career as an artist and film-maker, Carol Cooper of Cooper Financial managed to persuade me that taking  Critical Illness Insurance was a Good Idea.  It was not an easy task: I typically look at life in project-sized gulps, not what might happen in distant futures.  Only it wasn’t a distant future, when I had my heart-attack; it was a few days after turning 60, in the peak of health.  Suddenly, I could no longer travel, and work was reduced from all-nighters to a handful of hours.  When Carol reminded me about the Insurance—which, surprise surprise, covered eventualities like heart attacks—it seemed as magical as any Act Three twist ending.  The payout granted me the time to heal, to take care of my family without worry, and to reflect on how amazing it was to have met a Guardian Angel so long ago, whose specialty, it seems, is getting though thick skulls with Good Ideas.  My eternal thanks, Ms. Cooper (who also had the grace not to say ‘I told you so’, even though, once upon a time, she did).”

    Pele Talia /

    Excellent service and care. Highly recommend!

    Eric Reuemr /

    Richard has assisted me with both my personal and business insurance plans and has been an Invaluable resource to me and my partners when we have insurance questions. He is deeply knowledgeable and Provides practical, tailored solutions that place his clients’ best interests before the “sale”.

    Marni /

    Richard is the best financial planner in Victoria. He is extremely organized, has a wealth of Knowledge is honest and takes into consideration the families situation as a whole and gives many options and great advice. I highly recommend Richard Silver.

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