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The Scenario

Lauren is a 35 year old Interior Designer living in Victoria BC. She is married and has one child, Mark aged 8. A year earlier, Lauren decided to start planning a transition into the booming tech industry here in Victoria BC. After much deliberation, Lauren has gotten the go ahead on reducing her hours as an Interior Designer so she can focus on studying online at Camosun College for 6 months to receive a certificate in Technical Web Design. After finishing her education, she believes she will have an entry level position available as an Assistant Front End Web Developer. This will be a decreased salary to begin with but has a greater long term salary growth for Lauren from her own estimates.

The Solution

Career Counseling and Skills Assistance

Lauren should begin her journey by looking into counseling services to those looking to change careers.  A good starting point would be for her to look into the counselling services both the federal government and each province provide. Her college of choice should also have a number of career counseling services that should be looked into. Being a mature learner, a counsellor will also provide scholarship guidance that may be applicable to Lauren

Assess your own skills and reasons for making the change

Lauren should work on planning on how she can use her transferrable skills from interior designing such as creativity, and work ethic into her new potential career as a Front End Web Developer. Lauren should also evaluate the pros and cons of the career change and how they will affect her short and long term goals.

Review & do the planning

Lauren should talk with her Financial Advisor about the Financial Planning needed to allow for the transition to be smooth in her life, and on her Financial Statements.  Lauren will be given realistic expectations of how her Finances will be during her 6 month online studies, along with how to best adapt financially to the career and salary changes.



How we would support the individual

Whatever situation Lauren would find herself in, we would use our expertise, experience, and our commitment to excellence to provide Lauren with the best level of client support and guide her towards the best outcome possible given her unique situation.

Scenario and Chapter Planning are of utmost importance. If you have a similar story to Laurens, reach out to us and one of our experienced advisors will be happy to assist you.


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