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The Scenario

Ever since Lauren was young, she saw herself traveling the world. She had gone traveling briefly as a teenager, and had taken a year of university abroad on an exchange program in Sweden. Living on Vancouver Island, she enjoyed exploring the hiking trails near Victoria to the temperate rain forest biomes of Port Hardy. Every weekend she would try to do something on the island while balancing being a full time student and a part time employee. Lauren is nearing graduation and wants to begin planning for a 6 month trip to South America sometime in the next couple of years.

The Solution

Educated Assessment

Lauren needs to assess what exactly this trip is. Figuring out what exactly Lauren wants to get out of her 6 month trip will be important going forward. Figuring out if she wants to be back packing, staying in hotels, with locals, or any combination in the middle is important. From this assessment, Lauren needs to figure out a rough estimate of the cost of the trip to South America based off of her educated assessment.

Financial Planning

Lauren needs to begin to take the information from her assessment and develop a plan. Having a Financial Advisor to help with the planning would allow Lauren to develop a plan to figure out the most efficient way to reach her goals through a combination of strategic saving, planning, and investing.


Staying the course

Once a plan has been created, and it is clear how Lauren can reach her goals within a reasonable timeline, she must stay the course. Having an advisor to help make any changes to your investments and plan based on how Lauren is able to follow the goals and planning. Monitoring and re-assessment is a critical part of Lauren being able to reach her goals going into the future.

Getting Protection

As Lauren's goals start becoming a reality, she must focus on protecting herself.  Insurance is one of the best ways for Lauren to make sure her trip is pleasant and a far lower risk. Travel Insurance can protect Lauren from: trip cancellations, medical emergencies, travel delays, and lost luggage, all of which could become a serious issue for Lauren over the six month period.

Auto Payments

Lauren should make sure that all of her payments are able to be put on auto payment while she is away for a possibility of 6 months


How we would support the individual

Scenario and Chapter Planning are of utmost importance. Whatever situation Lauren would find herself in, we would use our expertise, experience, and our commitment to excellence to provide Lauren with the best level of client support and guide her towards the best outcome possible given her unique situation.

If you have a similar story to Laurens, reach out to us and one of our experienced advisors will be happy to assist you.


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