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Lorren Aparici

Junior Account Administrator - Wealth Division

Lorren was born and raised in the Philippines. Her childhood dream was to be a Flight Attendant and Entrepreneur, but was eventually inspired by her mom and discovered her passion for numbers, which eventually made her enroll in an Accounting program. Along the way of being a sophomore college student, she dreamed of studying abroad, and decided to pursue a diploma in Business Administration in University of Victoria.

While pursuing her diploma, she worked a full-time and part-time job in two different hotels in Victoria. After almost 2 years, Lorren recently finished her diploma, and happily joined our team as Junior Account Administrator utilizing her past experience and client service background in hospitality.

Despite her busy schedule, Lorren finds solace in the simple pleasures of life, especially watching sunsets, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying her alone time too. These moments rejuvenate her and remind her of the beauty in the world. Her journey is a testament to her determination, and love for learning.


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